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1961e37Winestar Communiqué de presse Français
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Parutions TV

100% Mag – M6


Emission On n’est pas des pigeons – RTBF (Belgium)


Winestar Paris Tour Eiffel promotion video


Winestar Paris Les Toits de Paris promotion video


Winestar at the BFM Academy – BFM Business


ActuEntreprise – Interview of Winestar® CEO Cedric Segal


Winestar La Matinale Canal Plus
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Winestar Le Grand 8


Winestar promotion video with Sarah Zhang – Connoisseur Show

Mini Show Connoisseur – How wine is made ?

Mini Show Connoisseur – What are the benefits of wine ?

Mini Show Connoisseur – What is Terroir ?

Mini Show Connoisseur – What is Tannin ?


In Vino (BFM Business) avec Alain Marty et David Cobbold




WGSO New Orleans – Dine Wine Talk
Interview with Tim Mc Nally (start at 30’30”)
“Cedric Segal of Winestar, manufacturer of wines in a can, joins the show to talk about the wine and the unique way it’s sold to consumers.”




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Business Club de France